Specializing in websites, brand strategies, digital products,
and content to grow a business online presence.

Hi, my name is Efren Buzzo. I'm a digital content creator & fitness educator.
Bilingual, proficient in English-Spanish and currently living in Marin County, CA.

I help businesses and experts in the wellness, fitness, and health industries (e.i. practitioners, coaches, instructors, teachers, trainers, artists, etc) as well as those already impacting communities and are ready to bring their work into a higher digital level.

Not only do I help a business improve its online presence with a beautiful functional website, but I also educate my clients with step-by-step phone or in-person tutorials on how to manage their site backend, edits and updates as well as their digital platforms.

"Fitness, body movement, and music is what I eat and breathe every single day". Efren

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