HELPING PILATES & MOVEMENT TEACHERS to showcase, improve, and scale.

About My Services

Whether you have an online store, educational programs, movement blog, a collective studio, or holistic therapies, there are many ways to personalize your website and/or a branded app to suit your business needs. 

Hi, my name is Efren Buzzo. A website/graphic designer and fitness educator, helping Pilates and movement teachers with brand development, web design and digital systems to improve and scale an online business. 

Not only do I help businesses improve their online presence with a beautiful optimized website, but I also educate my clients on digital systems, the site backend, and how to update visuals/media.


Working with me:

You get my full attention, communication, and direction (road map) throughout the project. 

Wix Partner @Wix Marketplace.

Consultations: Phone and/or Zoom calls.

Request A Price Quote Or Proposal

Proposal requests are only for businesses that are ready to invest and move forward. A price quote is for any ideas that you're still exploring. 


BUZZO (pronounced boo-so) is my last name. It is also coming from the Spanish word BUZO with one "Z", which refers to a person performing (scuba-diving). Also spelled Bucear, Buceo, Buzar, or Buzo depending on the verbs and actions. In other words, my brand name DIGITALBUZZO stands for "Diving into digital systems" or a person who enjoys digital design and platforms.