About Efren

Fitness Educator & Digital Creator 

A pioneer group fitness instructor/trainer, and digital creator living in the Bay Area, CA. Efren's ZZ Movement bundles all his interests into a fun and exciting business that allows him to explore any and all possibilities, "one step at a time."

I have worked in the fitness industry for over 15 years exploring movement, dance, learning about body mechanics, yoga, and Pilates. Also, from teaching different fitness modalities to presenting part of my dance fitness work at conferences including the International Zumba Convention.

In addition to teaching a number of classes and practicing my own movement, I have been offering digital services for entrepreneurs and personal brands for roughly the past 5 years.

Self-taught website creator and brand strategist, offering marketing services and my professional expertise to colleagues and new personal brands in the wellness, health, fitness, and beauty industry.

Whether you’re promoting your business, showcasing your work, opening your store, or offering services for the first time we can do it for you! We’ll set up everything your business needs to showcase products, services, and your social media profiles with confidence.

Moving your business online starts with setting up a business account, developing a content strategy, and getting to know your target audience.


The Digital Creator

Not only do I help a business improve its online presence with a beautiful optimal website and visuals that attract customers, but I also educate my clients with step-by-step marketing strategies and also regarding digital tools/platforms.


The Mover

There is no one day I miss a few minutes of any type of movement, stretch, or a simple workout. 

I was very fortunate to start a professional career on the fitness industry over 15 years ago. I've learned how crucial movement is for our human existence. Throughout the year exploring many different types of modalities and whatever it takes to keep mind and physical body our of trouble, although sometimes is necessary to feel some pains-aches and resolve them with love.

Fitness, movement, and music is what I eat and breathe every single day. 

Efren Buzzo Digital