Go Mobile 
and Record Your Entire Wellness Educational Course with a Low Budget 
(filming, editing, and more).

You don't need a fancy production setup to create your wellness, fitness, and/or health tutorial educational videos. Here's how to record videos directly from your iPhone/Galaxy like a pro. You're not longer need to hire an expensive videographer or editor nor use a fancy camera. 

You can now do it all from your mobile, one single friendly user App to edit, and other simple tools. 

This is for teachers, instructors, coaches, and  practitioners in the wellness, fitness, and beauty industry that are looking for a simple way to create a high quality course or program without investing tons of time and money. 



How to make a low budget educational wellness course
and/or a fitness program/tutorials.

If creating video content sounds intimidating, don’t worry. You don’t need pricey gear or years of on-camera experience to make high-quality videos for your educational course or program. You don't need a fancy production setup to create your amazing educational videos.


In this guide, I’ll take you through every step of the video recording process, from choosing the right equipment to feeling confident on camera, and everything in between using your mobile device and a few others simple tools.

  1. Choose the right subject matter.

  2. Test your idea.

  3. Research the topic extensively.

  4. Write a course outline.

  5. Create the course content.

  6. Bring your course online.

  7. Sell your online course.

  8. Market your content.

Image by @felipepelaquim

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