I started a personal challenge where I'll be posting one video every single day for the next 90 days to share my perspective about the following, 


  • Why/How/When I began in the fitness industry

  • My Mentors and Supporters 

  • Workout regimens,

  • Fitness Modalities,

  • Diets/ Eating Habits

  • Mindfulness

  • Hair/Skincare.

  • Why I started building websites

  • Why I think they're essential for your business

  • Digital marketing, affiliated marketing, and e-Commerce

  • Tips on how to create websites, landing pages, etc. 

  • The power of branding yourself or business

  • and whatever comes to my min on the next 90-days.

I hope you can watch them and find the info valuable, thank you!

Image by Andrew Neel


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