How to Create a Brand Strategy in 8 Steps (+ Great Examples)

When you first hear a story, meet a new person or try an unfamiliar food, what do you always remember? The way it made you feel. That’s precisely what brand strategy is all about: evoking a positive, long-lasting emotional response from your customers.

A brand strategy doesn’t stop at the way your product looks or your service is provided. It encompasses everything that represents your business, from your collection names to your logo inspiration, from your social media accounts to your neatly designed website.

“Today, competition is fierce in all industries, and customers demand more authenticity than ever. This is not the time to have an identity crisis.”

What is brand strategy?

While it may be widely used, the term brand strategy is often misunderstood. Simply googling it (which is most probably how you ended up here) gives you a multitude of explanations. To make things more confusing, good branding is not always quantifiable, or even rational—it is experiential, and based on feelings. It can be difficult to conceptualize an intangible quality, even more, to attempt to measure it.

If we need to give it a basic definition, a brand strategy is a purposeful plan to identify what your brand represents from the inside out. Through research and analysis, this essential process lets you determine competitive positioning and define the most authentic way to reach your target market on an emotional level.

The challenge is navigating the theoretical questions with real life data, all while sticking to your roots. In order to build a strong brand, you need to cover each element, from your content to your design, while keeping the big picture in perspective. While the approach will change from one business to another, there are certain understandings you must go through to achieve great results. We’ll cover them in more detail in this guide.